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Speedtrack Construction has vigorously embarked into the high technology industry, specializing in the design and build of strong floors; and the supply and installation of advanced laboratory instruments and equipment. Our achievements and successes are built upon the close collaborations we have established with credible suppliers, reliable brands and a solid teamwork with multi-disciplinary teams.



To be the preferred service provider for the high-tech industry offering an innovative and competitive range of diagnostic testing products, systems and services.


To provide and supply reliable, high-quality, high-tech diagnostic testing products and services to establish efficient and scientifically advanced laboratories.


Our business philosophy is based on our firm conviction in delivering only the best. This guiding principle has been exemplified by our consistent achievement of quality installations with outstanding workmanship and client satisfaction.


One of the high-tech projects we were involved in is the construction of a 20-Hertz Dynamic Rated 14m x 11m Strong Floor including the supply of equipment for the Heavy Structure Laboratory (HSL) of the Civil Engineering Department, University of Technology Sarawak (formally known as University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS). This HSL is considered one of the largest facilities of its kind in Sarawak.


The HSL is an advanced laboratory for conducting experimental tests in the fields of civil and structural engineering. The facility is designed to support teaching and learning (T&L), and research and development (R&D), and will be able to provide consultancy services such as specimen testing services for various local industries engaging in a wide range of development projects.


Currently, the HSL can be used to test specimens up to 12m long, 3m wide and 1.2m deep in bending or torsion; and 2m high columns in compression under static or dynamic loading. The HSL is designed to be expandable to accommodate future testing and research requirements with distributed anchoring points at a 500mm grid for loading frames positioned anywhere within the strong floor. Each anchor point is rated for 30-ton pull and 5-ton shear capacity.

Heavy Structure Laboratory
Actuator system
Static Hydraulic Actuator
Test Specimen
Test Specimen

The Heavy Structure Laboratory (HSL) comprises the following high-technology instruments and laboratory equipment.

  • 20-Hertz Dynamic Rated Strong Floor

  • Multi-Channel Servo-Hydraulic Closed-Loop Controller

  • High-Flow Low-Noise Hydraulic Power Supply

  • Static Hydraulic Actuator (65-ton capacity in compression, 45-ton in tension)

  • Dynamic Hydraulic Actuator (50-ton capacity in both compression and tension)

  • Universal Testing Machines (60-ton and 200-ton capacities with accessories for tensile testing of reinforcement bars up to 50mm diameter and 3-point bending tests)

  • Hydraulic Jack Systems (30-ton and 90-ton capacity)

  • Single and Double Portal Frames

  • Dynamic Data Logger (4 channels)

  • Multi-Channel Data Logger (10 channels expandable to 40 or more channels)

Design, Build & Supply State-of-the-Art Heavy Structure Lab
bending test_1.jpg

Test Specimen

Beams, columns, walls, slabs, frames and construction materials such as metals, concrete, polymers and so forth.

Test Application

Simulate specimen response and capacity under various types of loads such as permanent, seismic and fatigue loads up to 20Hz, vertically and horizontally.

Single Portal Frame Hydraulic Jack.jpg
Heavy Structure Laboratory.jpg

Special Feature

The actuator system allows two actuators to operate separately or concurrently, i.e., synchronized test on one specimen or unsynchronized test on two different specimens at the same time.


We have experienced cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams, involving professionals such as managers, estimators, planners, designers, technicians and engineers to provide the necessary expertise and services to meet the requirements of your sciences and high-tech laboratories.


From site surveying and evaluation to preparation of technical drawings, cost estimation, organizing of resources, project scheduling, design process, quality control and procurement management.


Handle numerous phases in the implementation and construction of small and large-scale projects, be it to build, design and/or supply various sciences and high-tech or heavy-structure laboratories.



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