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Laboratory Furniture & Equipment

We represent and work closely with well-established suppliers and service providers specializing in quality laboratory furniture systems, offering the latest laboratory equipment and solutions to meet the increasing demands of technology-based industries encompassing industrial, educational, medical and petrochemical facilities. We provide design, project coordination and management, installation, testing and continuous commissioning.

Complete Lab Furniture System

  • Worktops 

  • Under Bench Cabinets

  • Storage Cabinets 

  • Fittings 

  • Safety Equipment

  • Fume Cupboards 

  • Balance Tables 

  • Reagent Racks 

  • Lab Stools 

  • Lab Accessories

Lab Design & Consultancy

Setup of new laboratory 

Upgrading/renovation of existing laboratory  Provision of civil works (plumbing, electrical, ceiling, flooring, partition)

Lab Furniture Customization

Custom-made modular system 

Complete system with worktops, frame structure, cabinets and accessories

Lab Equipment & Apparatus

Provide total solution for laboratory requirements Inclusive of consumables

Measuring Instruments

We collaborate with reputable manufacturers of strain gauges, measuring instruments and transducers developed using distinctive technologies that ensure the quality, safety and improved efficiency of their products.

 Handheld Data Logger

Handheld Data Logger

A compact handheld digital data logger collects measurement data at several field sites for later data processing. The unit has gauge and insulation resistance measurement functions also to check strain gauges and transducers. It is splash waterproof for outdoor use.

Single Data Logger

Single Data Logger

An all-in-one single static strainmeter is used for measuring strain gauges, strain gauge transducers, DC voltage and temperature.

Multi-Channel Data Logger

Multi-Channel Data Logger

A top-of-the-line data logger combining high speed, high accuracy and high functionality. The unit has 30 built-in channels for measuring strain gauges, strain gauge transducers, thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers, DC voltage and so on.

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